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 Welcome to gladiators

 Welcome to Gladiator Removals

Our Promise 

Gladiator Removals Ltd. has been in the removal industry for several years. Our company was established on the attributes of the “Gladiators” from the ancient Roman Empire. We always endeavour to encapsulate the very spirit of a true Gladiator which are as follows:


  • Professionalism
  • Strength
  • Efficiency
  • Determination


We aim to apply these very attributes in our daily routine whilst on the job. Our dedicated team of both male and female Gladiators take an “oath” to maintain our core ethos “Always at your service” to all our clients. In so doing we have maintained a very high standard of work ethics that have been achieved through being a leader in the removal industry. Upon reflection our hard working Gladiator Removals team is always guided by Pythagoras' famous quote:


“Rest satisfied with doing well and leave others to talk of you as they please”


....Our ethos is "Always At Your Service" which forms the core of our Five Gladiator Removal team members pose for a Photograph.organisation, and we take it  very seriously. We pride ourselves on maintaining this consistency and it is thus reflected in our detailed and credible testimonials. If our past removals are anything to go by, you’re in very safe and trustworthy hands! Our testimonials are available for your perusal so you can see for yourselves.


Gladiator Removals have been moving furniture and personal possessions across Europe for some time. Gladiators Removals Ltd. Offers Storage, Removal, Packaging, Cleaning, Waste disposal, Recyclable Eco boxes, Furniture Assembly and Disassembling at competitive and affordable prices. We have a strong team behind us with an excellent reputation for being leaders in our field of expertise.


This site will give you all the information about Gladiator Removals Ltd. that you need to know. Click through the tabs to find the correct information that you are seeking. For further information do not hesitate to call us.


Our Expertise

We specialise in home and business removals, on site risk assessments for goods in transit, providing all professional packing and unpacking equipment, supplies and materials (see packing and boxes)


  • Furniture re-assembling and dismantling
  • Fine art/Antiques
  • Pianos
  • Professional cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Handyman Services
  • Licensed Waste disposal
  • House Clearance
  • Storage facilities
  • Eco Box Recycling Scheme 


Our Approach

Determining a mission and being passionate about it. Communicating a clear picture of a set goal and working as a team towards its achievement. Gladiators lead from the front; they don't dictate from the back. Working "in the trenches" no team member is too high and mighty to get their hands dirty. It also helps to inspire loyalty among colleagues and employees.


Gladiators understand there is strength in teams. A gladiator leader has the skills to draw people together, yet doesn't hog the spotlight. A good leader truly cares for the team, shows compassion and wants every member to be recognized for his/her efforts.


Gladiators keep their cool in a crisis; a good leader must be graceful under pressure. It's the surest way to build credibility. Gladiators NEVER retreat, but look for opportunities. All team members receive continuous development of their individual skills through ongoing robust training.


Moving home can be a very stressful, time consuming and tedious process ...regardless of whether you're moving down the road or to an entirely new location, be that in the UK or beyond. Here at Gladiator Removals we strive to make your move as stress free as possible by offering a professional and efficient service.


Our ethos is "Always At Your Service" ....

We are joint members


Working in Partnership for Consumer Protection

Gladiator Removals Ltd. Registered in England & Wales No: 8415345. Registered Office: Companies House, Cardiff. VAT Number 166931188  © Gladiator Removals Ltd 2014


Tel:   03333 440755

M:     0741 1009 943

Fax:  0845 8621 998

Email: office@gladiatorremovals.com

Gladiator Removals,

120 - 170 Stewarts Road,

London, SW8 4UB

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